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Aus-Tex has been offering mailing services since 1960, and with the area's most informed staff, our knowledge base rivals that of the United States Postal Service (USPS). Our mailing services can be valuable to you in several different ways, and in conjunction with our printing capabilities there's no project we can't deliver.


Whether mailing a monthly newsletter to your organization's members or an advertisement to prospective customers, each mailing project begins with a list. Some clients maintain their own databases comprised of memberships, accounts, customers, etc. Our list services include list formatting and standardization as well as merging duplicates or purging bad addresses. For clients who do not have a list, we can generate a custom list based on various criteria.


Just as important as targeting your audience is mailing an effective piece. The format and design of your mailer should be consistent with your message or offer. From postcards and brochures to booklets and periodicals, Aus-Tex can design and produce mail pieces of any kind. Partner with Aus-Tex, and our creative department will help formulate your message along with the visual and tactile design of your mailer. Our technical expertise gives us an edge on the creative possibilities.


With each class of US Mail there are different advantages, restrictions and postal fees. Finding the right fit for your mail piece to balance timely delivery with a powerful impact is our specialty. You will not find a more seasoned staff fluent in the intricacies of USPS protocols and regulations in the area.


More and more, companies are scattered across geographic regions or scaled back their storage or mail room capabilities. To meet this growing demand, Aus-Tex offers document printing and storage as well as drop shipping services. Applicable to either large quantities or short runs, if you need to mail out employment packets each month or legal pamphlets each quarter, Aus-Tex can assemble and mail materials on demand.

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP)
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  • Mailing List Generation
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  • Database Merge & Purge
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  • Ink-Jet Addressing with Custom Fonts
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  • Postage by Metering, Permit or Stamp
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  • Mechanical Inserting & Tabbing
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  • Polybagging & Shrink Wrapping