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Ever receive a t-shirt at a trade show with the presenter's logo printed on it? Maybe a vendor dropped off a branded coffee mug. What about really cool stuff like a cooler or a tote bag with an imprinted seasonal message? Aus-Tex represents scores of product manufacturers and distributors to deliver an ever growing catalog of engraved, embroidered and printed specialty items.


Often associated with items such as printed pens or magnets, our ad specialties catalog grows daily with products that reflect the current workplace or household. USB flash drives, can openers, mouse pads, rubber duckies, lanyards, the list goes on and on. All of these useful, interesting or humorous items can be printed with a logo or an original message that complements your business or services.


Less advertising and more about building a relationship, branded merchandise maximizes your engagement with your customers or audience. Logo t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, flashlights, are only the beginning. Premium products include printed or engraved clocks, leather desk sets and embroidered cashmere scarves. Branded merchandise gives you confidence to follow through on the promises your brand makes.


Seasons and holidays are great catalysts for communications. As are trade shows, festivals, and off-site promos. Combining ad specialties and branded merchandise with event-specific messaging will keep you in front of your audience and on top of the consumer's mind. Imagine a Christmas card with an evergreen tree sprout with a message about the years ahead. Or, your completely branded booth at the local farmer's market would make a real impression.

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